This is Jet White Studio — a young, vibrant space for ethical and sustainable design. Founded by Austrian designer Sonja Inreiter, JT WHT Studio is here to overcome the creative industry’s trap of helping questionable products sell through an »aesthetically pleasing« packaging. Instead, this is a place for brands, individuals and projects who are dreaming big, aiming to add meaningful message for the »greater good« and (obviously) are in need of a visual frame around their vision.

You are burning for your project and love its value it can add to this world? Then don’t wait to get in touch!


Sonja Inreiter

Founder & Creative Director

»JT WHT Studio is basically the resurrection of my early self-induced death in the creative industry. How come? After a minor (not so minor) pre-quarter-life-crisis of wanting to throw everything design away for good, I came to the conclusion that there actually is a lot worth left to add a beautiful frame to — if you are going about it the right way. I was fed up with all this advertising and marketing, where you as the designer are doing unbelievable damage in faking an irrelevant potentially harmful product or service into relevance. JT WHT Studio is here to take the other route. Let’s make the ACTUAL good things beautiful, breath-taking, stunning, out of this world.«